Adam’s Rib

gambar produk
Rp 20.000
Judul: Adam’s Rib
Penulis: Margaret Rome
Penerbit: Mills & Boon Limited
Cetakan 1, 1976
170 halaman
Kondisi bekas, bagus
Harga: 20.000
Stok: 1 eks

Tammy Maxwell was a spoiled, flighty rich girl : Adam Fox a serious-minded sheep farmer. But fate threw them together and ordained that, for nothing but temporary expedience, they should marry. So, suddenly Tammy found herself installed in Adam’s house remote in the Cumbrian fells and expected to turn into a suitable farmer’s wife. It did not help the situation at all for her to realize that she had fallen in love with him, while he still felt nothing for her but contempt, and in addition there was the problem of the so suitable Pam Hardern who had expected to marry Adam herself. How could Tammy possibly sort out such a tangle ?

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