A Thousand Days John F. Kennedy

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Rp 75.000
Judul: A Thousand Days John F. Kennedy
Penulis: Arthur M. Schlesinger
Penerbit: Fawcett Crest Book
Cetakan 2, 1967
967 halaman
Kondisi bekas, bagus. Halaman terakhir (halaman index) ada sobek
Harga: 75.000
Stok: 1 eks

Original, fresh, vivid, penetrating and totally absorbing book that is at once a masterly literary achievement and a work major historical significance. (The New York Times)

Eveything written about the Kennedy years from now on will be influenced by the history (Kennedy) walks through the pages, from the first to the last, alert, alive, amused and amusing." (Book of the month club news)

A permanent and indispensable contribution. a truly political history--shopisticated, partisan, provocative even when one disagrees with it (Book Week).

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