The Outcast

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Rp 65.000
Judul: The Outcast
Penulis: Okky Madasari
Penerbit: Gramedia
Kondisi baru, segel
Harga: 65.000
Stok: 1 eks

She has been accused of heresy since she was born, she has been considered deviant and must be excommunicated. On behalf of faith and love, her marriage is sacrificed. On behalf of God she and her family were expelled and their home was destroyed.

The story of Maryam is a sad tragedy within a country full of beauty. What they need is justice. How long should they wait?

Okky Madasari is a recipient of the Khatulistiwa literary Award 2012 for the indonesian edition of the Outcast--Maryam

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