The Small House at Allington

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Judul: The Small House at Allington
Penulis: Anthony Trollope
Penerbit: Wordsworth Classics
Cetakan 1, 1994
559 halaman
Kondisi bekas, bagus
Harga: 75.000
Stok: 1 eks

Althought The Small House at Allington, the fifth in Trollope's Barsetshire series, is primarily a love story, it mixes requited and unrequited love, disgrace, scandal and near-disgrace with a delightful leavening of wit and social satire in a complicated but lively plot that has delighted generations of readers.

The smooth and ambitious Adolphus Crosbie and the 'hobbledehoy' Johnny Eames both love the beautiful Lily Dale, and it is on the manner of their loving that the novel revolves. But familiar characters from the earlier Barset novels provide a vigorous counterpoint ot the main plot, and we are reintroduced to the vacuous Lady Dumbello, the odious De Courcy family and the dangerous Hartletop faction, as well as meeting that delightful old buffer the Earl de Guest and his prize bull, and, for the first time, the egregious Plantagenet Palliser.

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