The Women in His Life

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Rp 40.000
Judul: The Women in His Life
Penulis: Barbara T Bradford
Penerbit: Harper
Cetakan 1, 1994
620 halaman
Kondisi bekas, bagus
Harga: 40.000
Stok: 1 eks

'Another surefire best seller from an ace storyteller' --Annabel
At the centre of this stunning novel stands Maximilian West, billionaire tycoon and man of almost mythical power, glamour and charm. Yet, while Maximilian appears to have everything, in reality he is riven with internal conflict--and torn apart by personal doubts.
sweeping through war torn Berlin through the heady atmosphere of Paris. Madrid and Tangier to contemporary London and New York , The women in his Life ranks triumphant alongside Barbara's other phenomenal international bestsellers.

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