Forgive Us our Trespasses

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Rp 30.000
Judul: Forgive Us our Trespasses
Penulis: Lloyd C Douglas
Penerbit: Pocket Books
Cetakan 1, 1959
361 halaman
Kondisi bekas, bagus
Harga: 30.000
Stok: 1 eks

He found happiness and love only when a secret from the past restored his faith in mankind
Torn by the most terrible problem a man could face, Dinny listened to Alison's passionate demand.
"You must be good to me. You've made me love you. I'm mad about you."
Dinny looked at the breath-taking beauty of her face. He swallowed convulsively. "I'm afraid," he said hoarsely. "I can't tell you."

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