Hungry Hill

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Rp 40.000
Judul: Hungry Hill
Penulis: Daphne du Maurier
Penerbit: Pocket Books
Cetakan 5, 1957
454 halaman
Kondisi bekas, bagus
Harga: 40.000
Stok: 1 eks

An Overwhelming Desire
He heard a splash in the lake and turned. It was Fanny-rosa. naked. Her wet hair clung to her body.
She ran to him 'Are you angry, john?'
'Angry?', then he had his arms around her.

When Fanny-Rosa Flower married young John Brodrick, she brought a reckless strain into the smug Brodrick blood. From this combination of opposing temperaments all of their toubles flowed. Here is the powerful story of the destiny that engulfed them.

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