Biography of the Earth

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Judul: Biography of the Earth
Penulis: George Gamow
Penerbit: Mentor
Cetakan 8, 1958
194 halaman
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-How did the birth of the Earth come about?
-How was the Moon, Earth's offspring born?
-What good are earthquakes?
-How hot is the Earth's center?
-How did life originate on the Earth?

Read the answers in this absorbing illustrated book that tells the whole exciting story of our earth's birth, its growth and change and gives a startling preview of it probable future.

Perhaps the most readable and brisk moving account of the earth to appear in recent years
--Saturday Review

George Gamow, an internationally known scientist, was born in Odessa in 1904 and now lives in the U.S in 1928 he formulated his celebrated theory of radioactive decay.

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